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I Shall

Kyle Gupton & his parents (Chris & Cindy Gupton)
Is there something that you REALLY want to achieve in your life? Most of our society will say: "I will", "I can","I want to", or "I'll try".
But these things usually don't happen because of doubt, and a lack of urgency, priorities, & determination. 
Shall: Expressing a strong assertion or intention. 
"I shall" brings about a strong desire, to make something become reality. We must have an "I shall" mentality in every aspect of our lives. We have control over our attitudes and our priorities. We make plans that we never finish, and we tend to point fingers at others for not achieving a goal. Look, some goals are difficult, but difficult does not equal impossible.  Do you want it bad enough, to make temporary adjustments that you aren't used to making? Make it a priority to prepare for what you want to happen, and turn your goals into a reality. Plan, adjust, then execute with a relentless mindset. Don't say "I will"...
I T-shirts, which ar
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